Alışveriş Merkezleri

Alışveriş Merkezleri için Zemin kaplamasından beklenen , Temizlik ve Estetik n-COAT ile bir adımda sağlanır.


Add Beauty To Your Retail Environments


Floors are one of the most essential components of an interior design, bringing energy and liveliness to the retail environment.
With various colors and textures, BUILDCHEM HYBRID n-COAT not only allows you a cleaner and more durable floors, but it also adds exceptional beauty to your environment.


Shopping Malls: 
Walkways in shopping malls require eye-catching finishes with strong abrasion/scratch resistance due to heavy volumes of food traffic. Also, keeping your customers safe from fire is extremely important. HYBRID n-COAT is not only eco-friendly, but also is anti-flammable (non-flammable class 1) which will keep your customers safe from toxic gases and fire.
We recommend :
HYBRID n-COAT | HYBRID n-COAT 1000 | HYBRID n-COAT 3D non-slip system | n-DECO


Cafeterias & Coffee Shops
Cafeterias and coffee shops are fun and exciting social environments, but are often subject to drink and food spillage and dishware breakage. HYBRID n-COAT’s durable and decorative floor coating systems will protect against these while preventing bacterial growth. In addition, its various colors and textures will lighten up the environment and turn the venue into a more attractive one.
We recommend :
HYBRID n-COAT | HYBRID n-COAT 3D non-slip system | n-DECO | HYBRID n-COAT Smart Polishing System (Vintage Look)


Automobile Show Rooms
Automobile show rooms require luxurious environments. With HYBRID n-COAT’s various color and texture, you can bring elegant and luxurious atmosphere to your showrooms and keep your floors look always “NEW”. Any stains? You can clean all kinds of stains by simple water cleaning with HYBRID n-COAT.
We recommend :


With HYBRID n-COAT, you can ensure beauty and safety of your retail environments.