HYBRID n-COAT for thick  layer application (0.5mm~1mm)


HYBRID n-COAT 1000 is a self-leveling HYBRID n-COAT for thick layer application. While having the same properties as HYBRID n-COAT, it can be applied for thickness of 0.5mm~3mm. It has superior self-leveling qualities for substrates that require thicker layers. HYBRID n-COAT 1000 can be applied using airless sprayer or short-hair roller.  

Recommended Use

1. Middle layer for concrete floors. Food manufacturing facilities such as slaughtering areas, seafood processing plants, bakeries, dairy processing plants, etc.
3. Freezers and cold storage
4. Commercial kitchens
5. Beverage production and bottling plants
6. Warehouses and parking lots


1. Suitable for food manufacturing facilities due to minimal odor during application
2. Eco-friendly
3. Withstands wide range of temperature
4. Shock-resistant, high durability, excellent adhesion
5. Anti-slip
6. Anti-abrasion
7. Suitable for HACCP/GMP certification
8. Prevents bacterial growth
Color Green, Red, Gray, etc
Finished Condition Gloss
Solid 95±2%
Hardness 3H
Open time 30 minutes (20℃)
Compressive Strength >40 MPA
Flexural rigidity >15MPA


1mm 1.7kg/m²


Main resin: 20kg/can, Hardener 4kg/can