Endüstriyel Üretim Tesisleri

Gıda üretim tesislerinin zemin kaplama ihtiyacını,  Hijyenik ve estetik şekilde karşılayan n-COAT , HACCP ,ISO 13001   denetimlerinde sorunsuz kabul edilmektedir.

Temiz bir gıda tüm insanlığın hakkıdır. Bunun için n-COAT öneriyoruz.


Change Your Manufacturing Environments

The ability to withstand heavy machinery, mechanical impact, wheeled traffic as well as oil, grease and chemical attack is the most important aspect of floors in manufacturing facilities. With its superior anti-stain properties, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, HYBRID n-COAT enables “always like new” floors for manufacturing facilities. In addition, HYBRID n-COAT penetration bonding structure allows ‘never peeling’, long lasting floors.
Can’t stop your production lines because of flooring? With its rapid setting time, HYBRID n-COAT allows you to renovate your floor over the weekend to have you ready to go on Monday. Also, it is an eco-friendly product without toxic materials and odor, so your renovation can be done while you keep running your manufacturing facilities.


BUILDCHEM HYBRID n-COAT has the right flooring solution for all areas contained within the manufacturing environment.


Heavy Duty Manufacturing Areas
Manufacturing areas are always subject to heavy fork-lift traffic as well as heavy-duty machinery which requires extra strong abrasion resistance and anti-stain properties.
We recommend:
Chemicals & Food Processing Areas
HYBRID n-COAT has been designed to create cleaner and safer environments for strong chemicals and acids.
While our regular HYBRID n-COAT is suitable for most of acids under 10% concentration, our HYBRID n-COAT AR(acid resistance) is designed to withstand extreme chemicals and acids such as sulfuric acids, nitric acids, hydrochloric acids, hydrogen peroxide, calcium hydroxide, phosphate, acetic acids, etc.
We recommend:


Clean Rooms
Clean rooms require handling of sensitive electronic components. Our HYBRID n-COAT AS(Anti-static) is specially formulated to ground electrostatic charges with the resistivity of 105 ~108.
We recommend:


If you have a renovation job or new-build project in the manufacturing sector, contact us today. Our team of flooring experts will be happy to assist you.