Depo ve Ambarlar

Depo ve Lojistik tesislerinin zemininde aşınmazlık, tozumazlık ve leke tutmazlık ve kaymazlık özellikleri ile n-COAT en iyi seçimdir.


Change Your Storage Facilities 
BUILDCHEM HYBRID n-COAT will allow you to maintain your storage facilities safe and clean.
Warehousing requires floors that can withstand heavy-duty fork-lifts, wheeled and foot traffic. Also, protection against fire is one of the most important aspects of warehousing. HYBRID n-COAT, with its inorganic properties, has superior fire resistance (non-flammable class 1) which will allow you to store your goods safely.
We recommend :
HYBRID n-COAT | HYBRID n-COAT 1000 | HYBRID n-COAT 3D non-slip system | n-FLOOR
Contact us now to keep your warehouse safe and clean for extra long time with HYBRID n-COAT.