Advanced non-flammable ceramic self-leveling mortar for industrial floors


n-FLOOR is a technically advanced one component self-leveling, self drying cementitious mortar. It performs excellently as an interior finished floor, wearing surface or underlayment. It is a powder polymer modified dry-mortar formulated with scientific blend of high alumina cement and special chemicals.  

USE & Advantage

- Reinstatement of new or existing concrete floors subject to foot traffic, industrial equipment, fork lift traffic, or parking lot.
– Hard wearing, long lasting durable overlay.
– Fast application rapid cure minimizes factory downtime.
– Residential, commercial and industrial applications, light to medium industrial applications.
– Use as stand alone system.
– Various colors.
– Application thickness from 1mm-10mm in a single application.


- Appearance : Various color (Gray, Yellow, Brown, Red, Blue, Green)
– Mixing ratio : approx 5.75L water : 25kg powder
– Material requirement : approx. 1.6kg powder per 1m/㎡
– Working time : approx. 30min
– Flammability : Non flammability
– Traffic time : Foot traffic 4hours Vehicle traffic 16hours
– Time to cover with floor covering : 12-18hours
– Application temperature : Min 5℃ Max 30℃
– Compressive strength . 4hours approx. 9 N/㎟
. 7days approx. 22N/㎟
. 28days approx. 40 N/㎟
– Flexural strength . 1day approx. 3.8 N/㎟
. 7days approx. 7.0 N/㎟
. 28days approx. 11.7 N/㎟
– Bond strength . 7day approx. 1.6 N/㎟
. 28days approx. 2.4N/㎟


25KG Paper bag.


n-Floor has a shelf life of approximately 3 months if kept in a dry environment completely away from moisture.