Otoparklarda, beton yüzeyin aşınması, tozuması ve kirlenmesi sorunlarını tek kalemde gideren n-COAT ; aynı zamanda Nano Teknoloji ürünü Seramik Toplarlarla kaymazlık sağlamaktadır. Diğer zemin kaplamalarına göre bir diğer avantajı da SESSİZ bir ortam sağlar.


Change Your Parking Environments
The ability to withstand heavy volume of wheeled traffic as well as oil and grease is the most important aspect of floors in parking environments. Have you ever been impressed by a parking lot? You will be, with HYBRID n-COAT.
BUILDCHEM HYBRID n-COAT has the right flooring solution for all areas within the parking environment:
Exposed Decks
Exposed decks of both exterior and top-level parking structures are subject to the elements year round come rain or shine.
BUILDCHEM’s HYBRID n-COAT has the perfect solution for UV exposure, fuel spillage and chemical attack with non-slip properties for safety. The systems come in all colors
We recommend :
HYBRID n-COAT EX | HYBRID n-COAT 1000 | HYBRID n-COAT 3D non-slip system
Intermediate Decks
Although protected from the elements to a degree, internal decks of multi-story parking facilities can often be dull, dark environments.
BUILDCHEM’s HYBRID n-COAT systems can be used across intermediate decks to keep the parking facilities clean and reduce unpleasant noise from tire squeal. In addition, the system can also brighten up the environment with all kinds of colors.
We recommend :
HYBRID n-COAT | HYBRID n-COAT 3D non-slip system | n-FLOOR
No matter what the needs of your parking environment are, HYBRID n-COAT is the ultimate solution for your flooring needs.